Akame 48 Waterfalls

Mie, Kansai

Rushing torrents, raging rapids and magnificent waterfalls are home to giant salamanders and a magical legend.

The Akame 48 waterfalls are a collective name for a string of waterfalls flowing through Akame-cho, Nabari, Mie. In Japan, more than 1300 years ago, a legendary holy man named En no gyoja was active. It is said the name Akame (red eye) derives from a legend that he met Fudo-myoo (God of Fire) riding a red-eyed ox. It is also said the “48” was chosen to represent “Many.”

There are various waterfalls in Akame. Among them, five large falls, “Fudo,” “Senju,” “Nunobiki,” “Ninai” and “Biwa” are popular under the name of “Amake Five Waterfalls.” A recreational path about 4 km long along the waterfalls is used as a hiking path to enjoy walking while listening to the sound of waterfalls. The path is famous for its different aspects according to the season, from cherry blossoms in spring through tender green in early summer, colored leaves in autumn to frozen falls in winter. The place is also a habitat for giant salamanders, which are Natural Monument of Japan. You may be able to see them swimming in the river when walking between spring and autumn.

The area was used by Iga-ryu ninja (people engaged in intelligence activities from the 15th to 18th century; because Akame is in the district that used to be called “Iga,” the ninja art of the district is called “Iga-ryu”) for training. Today, you can put on a ninja suit and experience ninja training such as hiding, climbing and jumping in the great nature. You can also visit the Akame 48 waterfalls in a ninja suit.


Akame-cho Nagasaka, Nabari City, Mie
0595-63-3004 (Akame 48 waterfalls Keikoku Hoshokai)
Admission Fee
300 yen (adults and high-school students); 150 yen (elementary and junior-high school students)
December 28-31
From Tokyo:
10 minutes by Miekotsu Bus from Kintetsu Akameguchi Station (one hour and 30 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station) to Akamedaki. (Car) 30 minutes form Hari Interchange on the Meihan National Highway (car parking available for a fee).

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