Chiba Kenritsu Bijutsukan (Art Museum)

Chiba, Kanto

Chiba Kenritsu Bijutsukan is located in Rinkai Koen, a park in Chuo-ku, near Chiba Chuo-ko Harbor, in the city of Chiba. A distinguishing feature of this museum is that it has a Peoples Art Studio for residents of Chiba Prefecture. Under the motto “see, talk, create,” the People’s Art Studio offers people artistic materials which have a strong bearing on everyday life, and holds workshops in Japanese-style painting, Western-style painting and metalwork. Included in the museum’s collection are Millet’s Sheep Grazing Along a Hedgerow and Memories in the Suburbs of Naples. Works by Chu Asai, a pioneer in Western-style painting in modern Japan, are also featured, along with those of such leading modern metalworking artists as Hotsuma Katori and Shinobu Tsuda, who have greatly contributed to the development of the industrial arts in modern Japan.’


1-10-1 Chuo-ko, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
Admission Fee
300 yen (permanent exhibition), 500 yen (special exhibition)
Mondays (if the Monday is a national holiday, the following weekday), New Years holidays'
[Walk]JR Chiba Minato Stn./8-min. walk

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