Nagoya-shi Bijutsukan

Aichi, Chubu

Nagoya-shi Bijutsukan (Nagoya Municipal Museum), is situated in a wooded setting composed primarily of keyaki (zelkova) trees in Shirakawa Koen, a park in the center of the city of Nagoya. The museum has focused on the systematic collection of works by artists associated with areas around Ise Bay, regarded as part of the Nagoya cultural sphere. It aims to portray the artistic aspects of the individual artists as thoroughly as possible. The works of Tamiji Kitagawa, a Western-style painter, are one instance of this approach. The collection also includes works of the Mexican Renaissance, said to have had a great influence on Kitagawas artistic activities. To broaden its international profile, the museum is also in the process of collecting works from the Ecole de Paris and contemporary fine art.’


2-17-25 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Admission Fee
300 yen (permanent exhibition)
Mondays (if the Monday is a national holiday, the following weekday) ,New Year Holidays
[Rail]JR Nagoya Stn./Nagoya shiei subway/2-min. ride/Fushimi Stn/8-min. walk

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