Yamashiro-onsen Hot Spring

Ishikawa, Chubu

Yamashiro-onsen is the largest among the hot springs located among the three prefectures of the Hokuriku area, having a long history spanning over 1300 years. It is said that its origin goes back to 725, when a holy priest named Gyoki found a crow healing its wounds in the spring water. The town expands with “Yamashiro-onsen Yokuden” at its center, a communal bath used also by local people, and promotes a nostalgic atmosphere with its old inns with their bright sanguine lattices, and private houses. You can enjoy drinking the famous waters called “Otoko-shozu (male’s freshwater)” and “Onna-shozu (female”s freshwater)” and continue by visiting many spots including a park called “Ruriko” which also has a hot spring.


5 min ride by bus from JR Kaga-onsen Station (Hokuriku Line).
Yamashiro-onsen, Kaga, Ishikawa

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