Dorogawa-onsen Hot Spring

Nara, Kansai

Visitors will have peaceful hours in the sacred place for mental training

Dorogawa Hot Spring pours out at the starting point to climb Mount Omine (Sanjo-ga-take), one of the 100 beautiful mountains of Japan. Because the hot spring is situated in the Yoshino Kumano National Park at 820 meters above sea level, the maximum temperature is about 26 degrees C even in summer, which makes the mountain town popular as a summer retreat as well. The townscape that takes visitors back to the good old Showa period (1926-1989) is lined with inns, minshuku (tourist homes) and souvenir shops creating a unique atmosphere of a temple town that is at the same time a hot-spring resort.

The slightly alkaline hot spring pouring out from 1,000 meters underground is popular especially among couples and groups of women who say bathing makes their skin very smooth. It is said that the hot spring is good for nerve pain, sore muscles, joint pain, convalescence from illness, feeling of cold, bruise, chronic digestive disorder, hemorrhoids, etc. Hot spring is supplied to 15 inns of the resort including Dorogawa Onsen Center for a day trippers.

Mount Omine is a mountain for Shugendo training and barred to women. During summer, the town attracts many Shugendo practitioners and other worshippers who head for Zaodo on Sanjo-ga-mine. During the period when the mountain is open to the public, while sendachi (leaders of people who undergo Shugendo training in mountains) dressed as warrior priests blowing conch shell horns, groups of practitioners with priest’s staffs and ringing bells as well as colorfully dressed mountain hikers come and go. This is also a place to appreciate the beauty of the season such as tender green of spring, cool breeze in summer, colored leaves in autumn and snow in winter.


Dorogawa, Yoshino-gun Tenkawa-mura, Nara

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