Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park

Shiga, Kansai

At an urban park full of nature
Visiting places where ceramic artists produce their works

This is an urban park made to transmit information about traditional ceramics called “Shigarakiyaki” and to promote regional industries and culture. In the land with an area of 40 ha, there is a widespread space that is rich in green, taking advantage of natural landscape. There is the walking trail developed in the park by which you can make a tour of enjoyable spots, such as a museum specializing in ceramics, the Institute of Ceramic Studies-Artist in Residency Program where ceramics are produced, an exhibition hall where ceramic products are displayed, and Plaza of Star where you can enjoy a grandstand view of the town of Shigaraki. In addition, pay attention to ceramic objet d’art here and there in the park. In particular, a symbol of Shigarakiyaki, that is, a large raccoon dog praying for success in business, is popular owing to its humorous appearance with which you inevitably take a picture.

The Institute of Ceramic Studies-Artist in Residency Program is a studio where artists from around the world stay over a long period of time and produce ceramic works. You can see the process through which ceramics are actually produced up close. The exhibitions of excellent ceramic works are held at the museum, irrespective of the time and place of production. Make sure to check it on as precious works that can be hardly seen even in their original countries are sometimes invited. Moreover, the exhibition hall has a corner where the products of specialty stores are gathered, in addition to a museum shop. If you take a fancy to a product, you can be navigated to the store. If you find your favorite, let’s have a shop clerk introduce the store.


2188-7 Shigaraki-cho Chokushi, Koka-shi, Shiga
9:30-17:00 (Entry into the Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Arts and the Exhibition Hall of Industrial Ceramics are up to 16:30)
Admission Fee
Free (exhibitions are only charged depending on the event)
Mondays (if Monday is a national holiday, the following day) and year-end and New Year holidays

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