Shirogane Park

Yamagata, Tohoku

Located near the silver mine that was shut down during the Edo period, this park is redolent with a nostalgic atmosphere

Shirogane (which means silver) Park is located near the Nobesawa silver mine, which produced a great deal of silver during the Edo period. Having bustled with miners, the town recovered its serenity when the silver mine was shut down. The old mine shaft still remains today, so visitors can taste the atmosphere of yesteryear.

After passing the Shirogane Falls, which has a drop of about 22 m, you will enter Shirogane Park. The first sights worth seeing were created through the joint efforts of the magnificence of nature and the flow of water. At Senshin-kyo Gorge, a pure mountain stream creates a stunning torrent as it hits the rocks, while at Choda-kyo Gorge, the snake-like meanders of the stream and the verdant leaves of the trees are quite stunning. If you go to Omokage-en Park and the Silver Mine Cave, you can see the site where the silver was actually dug out of the ground. There is also a shrine called Yamanokami-jinja, where the silver miners might have prayed for their safety on a daily basis.

The site formerly occupied by the mine became a hot spring town during the Meiji period, and it is still visited by many tourists, even now. In 1983, it was the setting for the television series Oshin, which achieved high viewing figures and further increased awareness of this area. Why not visit for yourself, and taste the nostalgic atmosphere of this hot spring town.


522 Nakayama, Ginzan Shinhata, Obanazawa City, Yamagata
0237-22-1111 (Commerce, Industry, and Tourism Department, Obanazawa City Office)
The Silver Mine Cave is open from sunrise to sunset *varies with the season
Closed in winter, please inquire regarding exact dates

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