Kirifuri-kogen Heights Area

Tochigi, Kanto

The highlands, stretching out from the foot of Mt. Akanagi-yama, are unforgettable parts of the beautiful Nikko region.

Kirifuri-kogen Heights are highlands about 1,200 meters above sea level, stretching along the south slopes of the foot of Mt. Akanagi-yama, in the northwestern part of Tochigi.

Kirifuri-no-taki Falls in the highlands is 75 meters high and regarded as one of the three most beautiful falls in Nikko. The spectacular waterfall can be viewed up close from an observation point near its base. Kisuge-daira is well known for Nikko-kisuge, alpine day lilies, that grow in bunches. The area is covered over with yellow flowers from early summer to midsummer. From the Kirifuri-kogen bus stop, you can enjoy the short walk around Kisuge-daira. The Maru-yama Hiking Course is also available, from which you can enjoy the fine views of Nikko City and the Nikko Mountains. There are some campsites, such as the New Kirifuri and Ogurayama-onsen camping grounds.

At O-zasa Ranch you can enjoy cycling along the cycling road as well as having meals at a rest house, and you can also enjoy tasting fresh milk and soft ice cream just made from it.


From Tokyo:
[Rail] Tobu-nikko Station is 1hour 45 minutes from Asakusa Station by the limited express on the Tobu-Isesaki Line. Then take a bus to Kirifuri-kogen, which takes 25 minutes (the service is not available from early November to mid-April).

Around the Kirifuri-kogen Heights Area