Lake Shinji-ko Area

Shimane, Chugoku

Famous and spectacular sunsets all year long. Shinji-ko-ohashi Bridge affords a great view of these sunsets.

Lake Shinji-ko is situated in the northeast of Shimane, surrounded by the Shimane-hanto Peninsula on the north, the Izumo Plain on the west and the Matsue Plain on the east. Its circumference is 47 kilometers, and it is the 7th largest lake in Japan.

The scenic beauty of the lake with Yome-ga-shima Islet on the east coast is especially magnificent when viewed from the Shinji-ko-ohashi Bridge in Matsue, and the novelist Lafcadio Hearn (after naturalization to Japan, Koizumi Yakumo) highly praised the sunsets. The views from Shirakata Park and The Shimane Art Museum are worth seeing. You can also enjoy the scenic beauty from the lake on a pleasure boat that also runs a sunset cruise.

As Lake Shinji-ko is connected to the Nakaumi Lagoon, it is a brackish lake in which fresh water blends with seawater. Thanks to this water quality, a rich variety of fishes and shellfishes inhabit the lake. Fishery is thriving with whitebaits, sea basses and eels being highly treasured as Shinji-ko Shitchin, or the seven delicacies of Lake Shinji-ko. The most famous of them all is shijimi shellfish (the corbiculas shellfish) caught with joren, a rake with a basket that is a tool unique to Lake Shinji-ko.

The Matsue-onsen Hot Spring, Tamatsukuri-onsen Hot Spring, and other hot spring resorts are located along the coast.


From Tokyo:
[Air] An hour 30 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport, or 1 hour 5 minutes from Osaka Itami Airport to Izumo Airport. Take a bus for 35 minutes from Izumo Airport to Matsue Station.

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