Okutadami/Ginzandaira Area

Niigata, Chubu

A silver mine sits at the bottom of Japan's largest man-made lake. Mt. Hakkaiis a sacred place of worship.

Okutadami is located at the upper stream of the Tadami River, which flows from the Oze marsh in Gunma and forms a part of the Echigo Sanzan Tadami Quasi-National Park. In the middle of the Edo period in the 18th century, the silver mine in this area was the backbone of the economy, together with the gold mine on Sado Island. Ginzandaira, located at the west tip of Lake Okutadami, was once a silver mining town and had more than 1,000 houses. However, the largest man-made lake in the country, Lake Okutadami, was created here, and the village now lies at the bottom of this lake.

40-minute sightseeing boat tours from the Okutadami Dam to Ozeguchi are available. A cable car known as the Slope Car runs between the last bus stop and the dam.

In the surrounding area, you will find Mt. Komagatake west of the Kurobe Valley and Mt. Hakkai (a scenic spot and a sacred mountain worship place), as well as hot spring resorts such as Tochiomata-Hot Spring and Komanoyu Hot Spring, and skiing areas such as the Oyu Hot Spring ski area.


From Tokyo:
[Rail] 1h 35 min to Urasa Station by JR Joetsu Shinkansen Line, and 8 min from Urasa to Koide Station by JR Joetsu Line. 40 min from Okutadami Silver Line Koide Station to Okutadami Dam by Echigo Kotsu Bus.
From Osaka:
[Rail] 4h 5 min from Shin-Osaka via Tokyo to Urasa Station by Shinkansen.

Around the Okutadami/Ginzandaira Area