Sasebo Area

Nagasaki, Kyushu

Sasebo is the second largest city in Nagasaki and a romantic port town. Huis Ten Bosch is an European theme park, 30 minutes from downtown Sasebo.

Sasebo is the second largest city next to Nagasaki in the prefecture, and located less than two hours from both JR Nagasaki and Hakata (Fukuoka Prefecture) stations. With beautiful ocean scenery, the port town has a bright and hospitable atmosphere. Since a U.S. military base is located in Sasebo, there are a lot of Americanized shops to be found there.

Sasebo Seaside Park, located at the Kujirase-futo Pier behind JR Sasebo Station, is a place where tourists can take a closer look at the beautiful harbor, whether while sitting on a bench in the promenade along the seashore or while simply walking along breathing in the fresh sea breeze. Many marine vessels lay anchor in the large harbor of Sasebo, and the observation hall in the park, with its 23-meter-long glass wall, gives visitors a bird's eye view of the harbor. Since it boasts of a 360-degree view, visitors can also see downtown Sasebo and plan where to walk when they go to explore the city.

From the Yumiharidake Observatory in the northwestern part of the city, visitors enjoy a panoramic view of the nearby scenic Kujuku-shima Islands, and also the Goto-retto Islands in the distance. The sunsets there are particularly popular. A romantic and dramatic scene ensues each evening, owing to the ever-changing colors of the sea and sky at sunset.

Huis Ten Bosch is located about 30 minutes by bus or train from downtown Sasebo, and is one of the major theme parks in the Kyushu district. Filled with attractions and entertainment, the park recreates European towns with canals, buildings, landscapes, and vehicles. Also, there are hotels within the site where visitors who want to enjoy the park for more than one day can stay.
A variety of seasonal flowers, such as tulips, roses and dahlias, welcome visitors, and various types of entertainment are also available, from restaurants to spas, marine sports and shopping, offering visitors a number of ways to enjoy their stay. Furthermore, there are also plenty of attractions for families with young children to be found there. Huis Ten Bosch has been a resort theme park offering visitors enjoyment for three generations. Moreover, as a "Botanical Resort," in other words incorporating an environmentally advanced concept of sustainable symbiosis of human beings and nature, the park continues to develop and propose various clothing, food and household items, as well as ways of life, and focus on the power of plants - the origin of life.


From Tokyo:
[Air] 1h 50 min from Haneda to Nagasaki Airport.
[Rail] 7h from Tokyo via Hakata (JR Shinkansen Line) to Nagasaki Station by JR Line (limited express).
From Osaka:
[Air] 1h 10 min from Itami to Nagasaki Airport.
[Rail] 4h 25 min from Shin-Osaka via Hakata (JR Shinkansen Line) to Nagasaki Station by JR Line (limited express).
To Sasebo:
1h 40 min from Nagasaki to Sasebo Station by JR Express Sea-Side-Liner.
To Huis Ten Bosch:
1h 5 min from Nagasaki Station by bus.

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