Echizen-kaigan Coast Area

Fukui, Chubu

A 100-kilometer-long coast with oddly shaped rocks and precipices. Wild Echizen daffodils bloom in the midst of winter.

The Echizen-kaigan Coast stretches from Suizu in Tsuruga Bay, at the center of Fukui, all the way to Tojinbo. It is a coastal area famous for its beautiful 100-kilometer-long shoreline along the Sea of Japan, and it is located within Echizen-Kaga Quasi-National Park.

You can see a row of sea cliffs and oddly shaped rocks formed by the raging waves of the Sea of Japan. Around Cape Echizen in particular, there is the Torikuso-iwa, a rock that rises straight out of the sea, as well as Kochomon, that has the largest cave along the Echizen-kaigan Coast. There you will also find the Echizen-misaki Lighthouse, built at the top of a 132-meter-tall cliff, where you can see Tojinbo and the Tsuruga-hanto Peninsula on clear days.

The area around the Echizen-kaigan Coast has a mild climate thanks to the warm Tsushima Current. Snow seldom accumulates there, although it is located in the Hokuriku region along the Sea of Japan where the winter is generally extremely severe. Wild daffodils bloom in full glory around the Cape Echizen from December to late February.


From Tokyo:
[Rail] 2h 20 min to Maibara Station by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line, and 1h 5 min from Maibara to Fukui Station by JR Hokuriku Line. 1h 10 min from Fukui Station to Sou by Keifuku Bus.
From Osaka:
[Rail] 1h 50 min to Fukui Station by JR Hokuriku Line.

Around the Echizen-kaigan Coast Area