Seto/Nagakute Area

Aichi, Chubu

Experiencing the traditional pottery technology, and learn about automobile history at the TOYOTA Automobile Museum.

The City of Seto is famous for its ceramics, which are called 'Setomono' in Japanese, named after the city. The city promotes the movement called “Seto marutto Museum” (the whole town is one gigantic museum). At Kamagaki-no-komichi, a walking path located at the foot of the mountains, plates and cups are embedded in the stone walls of the walkways, and you can gain a sense of the everyday life of the craftspeople.

If you would like to learn about ceramics, we recommend a visit to the Seto Municipal Center of Multimedia and Traditional Ceramics. The traditional-style workshop reproduced here provides an opportunity to observe the work up close. You can also observe or experience crafts such as glass art at the Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center.

Kamagami-jinja Shrine is rather unusual; it is dedicated to the people who have passed on ceramic manufacturing methods, and the Ceramics Festival is held on the 2nd Saturday and Sunday in September. The kiln-shaped shrine pavilion is quite unique. In the distance, you can see the "Grand Canyon of Seto," a pit from which clay and stone are dug for use in ceramics. Many facilities offer ceramics-making activities, so it is a fun place to visit as a family. The Seto City Tourist Association provides a guide service with English-speaking volunteers.

In Nagakute town, visit “the TOYOTA Automobile Museum“, run by TOYOTA Motor Corporation. There are about 120 automobiles from the end of the 19th century to the 1940s including European and American cars.
In the main pavilion, the first automobile produced in Japan is exhibited. You can learn the history of the automobile industry as well as the development of other related technologies. You may find your favorite model in the exhibits.


From Nagoya:
[Rail] [Seto] From JR Nagoya to Sakae Station by Higashiyama Subway Line, and 30 min from Sakae to Owari Seto Station by Meitetsu Seto Line.
From Nagoya:
[Rail] [Nagakute] 25 min from JR Nagoya to Fujigaoka Station by Higashiyama Subway Line, and 8 min from Fujigaoka to Geidai-dori Station by Linimo. A 5-min walk from the station.

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