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Higashi-Tateyama Kozan Botanical Garden


Huge collection of Broad Dwarf Day-lilies,
beautiful in scenery with mountains soaring into the big sky

(c) NPTAHigashi-Tateyama Kozan Botanical Garden opened in 1960 in Shiga Kogen where the Joshin-etsu Kogen National Park lies. Here, it is in almost the center of Shiga Kogen, at about 2000 meters above sea level. The garden is spread over the south slope of the Higashidateyama mountain peak area, which was the site for the Nagano Olympics giant slalom races. It has 100,000 square meters of gardens.

The botanical garden is where you get off on the last stop of the gondola lift. It has a great panorama view of Shiga Kogen. From here you can see the North Alps mountain range (Hida Mountains), other mountains, and even Nagano City.

Rare mountain plants grow wild here. When snows melt, lovely White Arum flowers start to appear. There are about 500 varieties. the huge collection of Broad Dwarf Day-lilies blooming in early summer are especially amazing. At the peak of summer, the ground is covered by a carpet pink, lavender and various other colors of flowers.

Don't miss the view from the gondola lift coming and leaving. It is also called the big sky course, creating memories of the rare mountain views.


Address: 7149 Hirao, Yamanouchi-machi, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano
Phone: 0269-34-2231 (Shigayama Lift)
Hours open to visitors: 8:40 to 16:40
(Open every day during its open season, Park is closed from the end of October to end of June)
Admission Fee: Free
Directions: Go to Yudanaka Station on Nagano Electric Railway "Nagano Dentetsu" (from Tokyo Station, about 2 hours and 40 minutes using Nagano Shinkansen). Then ride the Nagaden Bus towards Okushiga Kogen for 45 minutes, get off at the Hoppo Onsen bus stop, walk 3 minutes, then ride the Higashidateyama Gondola Lift for 6 minutes and get off at the mountain top.
(Car) 40 minutes from Joshin-Etsu Expressway, Shinshu Nakano Interchange *Pay for parking

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