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Takao-san Yakuo-in Temple


A sightseeing spot awarded three Michelin stars
Grand nature about one hour from the heart of Tokyo!

The temple on famous, sacred Mount Takao was founded by Venerable Gyoki in 744. At 600 meters above sea level, the surrounding area is a treasure house of nature with mixed evergreen and deciduous forests. Near Joshinmon gate at the entrance of the temple, there is a monument inscribed with sessho kindan (killing is prohibited), indicating the strict protection by governments from the time of the foundation to this day; the rich environment has been protected by political as well as religious authorities. The beauty of colored leaves has an especially high reputation, attracting many tourists every fall.

A number of precious historic buildings are preserved on the grounds, which include the main hall with delicate carvings, the gorgeous scarlet-red main shrine, and other halls around the summit. There is a tea house named Kissa Kobo Ippuku, where you can take a little rest while enjoying Japanese tea and sweets.

The entire mountain is a place of ascetic training, where disciples called yamabushi used to live. Takao-san Yakuo-in offers an overnight course to experience ascetic training (15000 yen for adults) including waterfall asceticism, sutra reading, Zen meditation, and other training. You can also make a reservation for shojin-ryori (Buddhist vegetarian dishes) in Daihonbo (2500 yen or 3500 yen per person).


Address: 2177 Takao-machi, Hachioji, Tokyo
Phone: 042-661-1115
Hours open to visitors: 9:00–16:00
Admission Fee: Free admission to the grounds
Directions: (Train) Take Takao Tozan Cable from Keio Line Takaosan-guchi Station (one hour and 10 minutes from Tokyo) and walk 20 minutes from Takaosan Station. (Car) 3 minutes from Takaosan Interchange on the Keno Expressway (a fee is charged for car parking).

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