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Akishino-dera Temple


Akishino-dera was built around 780 at the request of Emperor Konin. It lost most of its buildings to fire during wars in the 12th century, and the present main hall was rebuilt in the 13th century. There is a wooded area in the grounds that stretches from the south gate, and the velvety moss-covered garden is tranquil, and beautifully arranged.The most well-known Buddhist statues among the 25 placed in the main hall is the standing statue of Gigeiten, the patron god of the arts, who is venerated by many artists. Its head was made in the 8th century and the body was made in the 13th century. It is roughly 2 m in height and has been designated one of Japans Important Cultural Properties.'


Address: 757 Akishino-cho, Nara-shi, Nara
Admission Fee: 500 yen (regular fee)
Closed: Open throughout the year

[Bus]Kintetsu Yamato-Saidaiji Stn./Bus/6-min. ride/Akishino-dera-mae Stop/1-min. walk

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