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Ruins of Ususki Castle (Usuki Park), Daimonyagura


Usuki castle (臼杵城) was built in 1562 by Christian Feudal Lord Sorin Otomo. The ruin is managed as Usuki Park (臼杵公園) now. And Daimonyagura(大門櫓), it was built early 17th century after Inaba enter the castle. It was destroyed in early Meiji period, however, it was replicated as it was at the end of Edo period from old drawing and pictures by the local artisans.


Address: 91-1 Niujima Usuki , Usuki-shi, Oita
Hours open to visitors: Free to observe
Admission Fee: None
Closed: None
Directions: 10 minutes walk from Usuki Station on JR Nippo Main Line. From Usuki IC on Higashi Kyushu Road, take route 502 for 3km (takes about 10 minutes).

[Parking] 20 parking spaces are available. (fee: 110yen/2hours)

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