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Oka Castle Ruins


The Meiji restoration put an end to the Samurai period and the symbol of feudal reign - castles - were torn down consequently in many cases. Oka Castle was not an exception. Although the main structures of the castle have been lost, its grand stone walls still stand to remind us of the olden times. Located on the top of a hill, a panoramic view of surrounding mountains from there is simply impressive. Cherry blossoms in spring and autumn tints in the fall provide an ideal backdrop for your unforgettable memories. A parade of samurais and a feudal lord is held early April every year.


Hours open to visitors: 9:00 - 17:00
Admission Fee: Adults/High school students 300 yen / Group of adults (over 20 people) 200 yen / Children150 yen / Group of children (over 20 children) 100 yen
Closed: December 31 to January 3
Directions: 5 minutes by car from Bungo Taketa station. 30 minutes walk from the station alternatively.

[Parking] 120 parking spaces are available.

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