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Yoro-keikoku Valley


Nature's artwork in full splendor, with waterfalls, including Chiba Prefecture's biggest waterfall, and a picturesque river.

Yoro-keikoku is a ruggedly bluffed valley located in the southern part of Chiba. The valley has the Osawamata-no-taki Falls, often called Maboroshi-no-taki, or the mirage waterfalls. The best spot in this region is the Awamata-no-taki Falls, located in the mountains about four kilometers upstream, which is one of the biggest waterfalls in Chiba. Its height of 30 meters and clear water running over a distance of 100 meters down stair-shaped rocks has earned it praise for its resemblance to silk cloth spread out.

On the west bank of the river, a walkway has been constructed for 1.7 kilometers, where visitors can enjoy the sound of the stream as they stroll along. The spot attracts people especially in fall, when they can view its beautiful autumn leaves. Bathing in a hot spring inn is possible without staying overnight. There are also sites for outdoor activities such as fishing, barbecues and camping, where you may want to set aside time to enjoy yourselves.


From Tokyo:[Rail]45 min from Tokyo to Goi Station by JR Uchibo Line (limited express), and 1h from Goi to Yoro-keikoku Station by Kominato Line.

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