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Tottori Sand Dunes


A breathtaking, beautiful natural land formation, created by sand and winds over the last 100,000 years.

The Tottori Sand Dunes, located in the east of Tottori Prefecture, are the largest sand hills in Japan. They are 16 kilometers long from east to west and 2 kilometers wide from north to south. Volcanic ash from Mt. Daisen settled on the sand of Sendai River. The ocean winds that blew from the Sea of Japan formed the dunes over a period of almost 100,000 years.

At times one can see 40-meter-deep basins, 50-meter-tall hills, picturesque patterns formed by the winds called wind ripples, and sand sliding down the surface of the hills like an avalanche. The magnificent beauty is constantly changing. When you reach the top by lift, you can enjoy a boundless view of sea and sand, a truly spectacular sight.

You can also enjoy a tour on the back of a camel or in a horse-drawn carriage, or try paragliding and sandboarding as you enjoy the view of the dunes.


From Tokyo:[Air]1h 10 min from Haneda to Tottori Airport, and 19 min from the airport to Tottori Station by bus.
From Osaka:[Rail]2h 30 min to Tottori Station by Chizu Kyuko Line "Super Hakuto" (limited express), and 20 min from Tottori Station to Tottori-sakyu by bus.

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