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One of only three rock pillars of its kind in existence in the world. Rugged precipices created by the raging waves.

Tojinbo is a rugged, precipitous cliff eroded by the raging waves on the coast of the Sea of Japan in northern Fukui, bordering Ishikawa. It is located within Echizen-Kaga Quasi-National Park. The sheer cliff stretches for over one kilometer, and is designated as a precious natural monument.

A rock pillar made of the columnar jointing (joint of columnar rocks in a pentagon or hexagon shape) of pyroxene andesite in Tojinbo is not only the only one of its kind in Japan, but there are known to be only two others like it in the entire world.

One especially dynamic site is the lagoon called Tojinbo Oike, with its 25-meter-tall cliff. You can see it not only from the top of the rocks, but also from a pleasure boat on the sea, and from the 55-meter-tall Tojinbo Tower as well. Other attractions are the scenic O-shima Island and the strangely shaped andesite rocks around Tojinbo.

In winter you can observe the phenomenon called "Nami-no-hana," or flowers of waves. They occur when the waves are caught in the reefs and churn into bubbles that the violent winds then fan up in to the air.


From Tokyo:[Rail]2h 20 min to Maibara Station, and 1h 5 min from Maibara to Fukui Station by JR Hokuriku Line. 45 min from Fukui to Mikuni Station by Echizen Mikuni Awara Line, and 10 min from Mikuni Station to Tojinbo by Keifuku Bus.
From Osaka:[Rail]1h 50 min to Fukui Station by JR Hokuriku Line.

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