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Tenryu-kyo Valley


A boat tour down the river watching the beautiful colors of the leaves in each season

(C) Takenobu SuzukiRows of steep cliffs continue along the Tenryu River, forming Tenryu-kyo Valley. The steep, rough cliffs are covered with trees such as Japanese Red Pines and Japanese Maples, with fresh green leaves in spring and red and yellow leaves in autumn. The winter snowy landscape in the winter is also splendid. The surface of the river shines in a pleasant emerald green on clear days.

The boat tour down the Tenryu River is popular as a way to look at Tenryu-kyo Valley from the surface of the river. Come aboard the traditional wooden ship, and the boatman will take the helm to take you on a tour. Listen to the explanation on the letters engraved on the surface of numerous rocks, flowers blooming on the cliff, and various kinds of birds. Midway through the trip through the landscape like a black-and-white ink painting, fishermen will show you the traditional net-casting style of fishing. You will also observe powerful Black Kites swirling down to snatch the caught fish. When you are back from the boat tour, you can either take the local train to Tenryuko Station (depending on the timetable), or go back to the starting point by bus.

Many cultural figures since the Edo Period (1603–1868) have visited Tenryu-kyo Valley, expressing fondness of the beautiful sights of nature and rocks of every season. There is also a hot spring near the valley, with a natural radon spring (which is said to be highly effective in making skin beautiful). It is a perfect place for forgetting the worries and troubles of everyday life and having a relaxing time.


Address: 7115 Tatsue, Iida city, Nagano
Phone: 0265-27-2946 (Tenryukyo Sightseeing Information Office)
Closed: Irregular (depending on weather and swollenness)
Directions: Tenryukyo Station on the JR Ida Line (about 5 hours and 30 minutes from Tokyo Station by Shinkansen)

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