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Senjojiki Cirque at Japanese Central Alps


You can see rare alpine plants and wild animals!
Let's enjoy nature in a mountain range representing Japan.

(C) NPTAAt grand Kiso Mountains (also known as the Japanese Central Alps), standing from north to south in the center of mainland Japan, Senjojiki Cirque spreads on a slope at a height of over 2,000 m above sea level, just under the alpine belt. "Senjojiki" means the width of a space where 1,000 tatami mats can be placed; the area of the cirque (a bowl-shaped area that was scraped off by ice from the ice age) is 165.92 square kilometer.

The attraction of Senjojiki Cirque is nature, which changes with the seasons: sprouting of grass in spring, pretty flowers blooming in summer, leaves turning yellow in fall, and a solemn snowscape in winter.

To go to Senjojiki Cirque, it is necessary to take a bus from Suganodai Bus Center and transfer to a ropeway. "Senjojiki Station," the last stop, is the station at the highest altitude in Japan. From the platform, you have a panoramic view of famous mountains, including Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps mountain range.

A wide variety of stores, including a restaurant, coffee house, refreshment stand, and concession stand, are side by side around the station. The natural water of the Japanese Central Alps is used for dishes and coffee served at the restaurant and coffee house. You can really taste the natural flavor!


Address: Akaho, Komagane City, Nagano
Phone: 0265-81-7700 (Komagane City Tourist Information Center)
Directions: 12 minutes by bus from JR Komagane Station to Suganodai Bus Center (three and half hours from Tokyo (Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal); two and half hours from Nagoya; 3 hours from the Chubu Centrair International Airport). (Car) 3 minutes from Komagane Interchange on the Chuo Expressway to Suganodai Bus Center.

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