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Omura Bay


A coastline dotted with masses of inlets and islands. A theme park that reproduces European scenes.

Omura Bay is located in the central part of Nagasaki Prefecture. The nearby Nagasaki Airport stretches out towards the sea and is the skyway gate to Nagasaki. The bay and its coasts present a beautiful contrast between the intricate inlets and green-covered islands and the deep blue sea. The whole bay area is designated as Omura Park, a prefectural nature park.

Huis Ten Bosch, a residential-style resort modeled after a mediaeval 17th century European town, lies in the northern part of the bay. Canals run through this vast park, where the landscape and buildings in Europe are reproduced. It also includes an amusement park, museums, restaurants and hotels. Visitors can tour around the park by rental cycle or canal cruiser.

On the west side of the bay is Nagasaki Bio Park, which is a nature and animal park with 170 different kinds of animals that offers a hands-on experience.

On the eastern side of the bay is Omura Bay, known for its rich history. The area was ruled by the first Christian daimyo (feudal lord), Omura Sumitada, who opened Nagasaki Port for trade with other countries, and dispatched the Tensei Mission of Boys to Europe.


From Tokyo:[Air]1h 50 min from Haneda to Nagasaki Airport, and 50 min from the airport to Huis Ten Bosch by Nagasaki Jidosha Bus, or 50 min from the airport to Huis Ten Bosch by ferry.
From Osaka:[Air]1h 20 min from Itami to Nagasaki Airport.

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