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Mogami River Cruise


Enjoy the Mogami, valley of four seasons in the everlasting stream of time.

The Mogami River, running through Yamagata Prefecture, is loved by the local people as a "mother river," offering them rich and various gifts each season. One of the best sceneries along the river would have to be that of the Mogami Valley, which you can enjoy from the boat on a Mogami River cruise.

During the cruise, you float down the river for approximately one hour, while listening to songs sung by a boatman. For your entertainment, these traditional and local songs can be performed not just in Japanese, but also in English, Chinese, or Korean. If you make a reservation, you can also enjoy dining on the boat during the cruise.

There are many optional tours available, such as those which let you get off the boat along the way to stroll through the surrounding nature.


From Tokyo:[Rail]2h from Tokyo to Niigata Station by JR Joetsu Shinkansen Line, and 2h from Niigata to Sakata Station by JR Uetsu Line (limited express).
From Tokyo:[Rail]3h 40-min from Tokyo to Shinjo Station by JR Tohoku-Yamagata Shinkansen Line, and 20-min from Shinjo to Furukuchi Station by Rikuu Saisen Line (for Amarume). A 5-minute walk from Furukuchi Station.

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