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Mt. Mitake-san


A mountain in the upstream of Tama-gawa River and a wild bird paradise, supporting various species of birds.

Mt. Mitake-san is located upstream along the Tama-gawa River that flows through western Tokyo, and is a part of Chichibu Tama National Park. The area around Mt. Mitake-san is the most popular sightseeing spot in the Okutama region. It is a natural treasury where you can see many wild birds, various kinds of plants, and even some wild animals. It attracts hikers and campers throughout the year.

There is a cable car which departs from the foot of Mt. Mitake-san. From the cable car visitors can enjoy the beautiful sight of camellias and Japanese roses in spring, and wonderful colored leaves in fall. The scenic view as well is truly marvelous. On fine days you can see the high-rise buildings in Shinjuku, the new center of Tokyo, and Mt. Tsukuba-san in Ibaraki Prefecture from the viewing spot called Mitake-daira in front of Mitake-san Station, the terminal of the cable car.

As you climb to the top of the mountain, along a well-maintained, easy-to-walk path, you will see the main shrine of Musashi-Mitake-jinja Shrine, the homes of the guides, and lodges for those who make a pilgrimage to the shrine. This shrine is the symbol of a sacred place for mountain worship. The shrine is believed to have been founded in 90 BC, which makes it one of the oldest in Japan. There is a treasue hall at the shrine that stores a national treasure, the Akaito-odoshi-o-yoroi (scarlet braided large armor), and other pieces of armor as well.


From Osaka:[Air]1h from Itami or 1h 10 min from Kansai International Airport to Haneda Airport.[Rail]2h 30 min from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo Station by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line (Nozomi), and 1h 50 min from Tokyo to Mitake Station by JR Chuo and Oume lines.
From Narita:[Rail]1h from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station by JR Narita Express Line.

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