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Lake O-numa


The area is also famous for its 18 bridges connecting the islands in the lake.

Lake O-numa, located in the southern part of Hokkaido, is part of O-numa Quasi National Park, together with the nearby Ko-numa and Junsai-numa marshes. Lake O-numa is 24 kilometers in circumference and was formed by the eruption of Mt. Koma-ga-take. It has 126 islands, large and small, and is famous for the spectacular views of these islands connected by 18 bridges.

It takes approximately 60 minutes to walk around the lake through a series of arched bridges, including Kogetsu-bashi, Ukishima-bashi, and Hinode-bashi. Visitors can also enjoy making a circuit of the lake by rented bicycle, by one of the pleasure boats operating from spring through autumn, or on an exciting motorboat ride. The lake is renowned as an attractive spot to watch the sunset in spring among a beautiful display of 'mizubasho' (Japanese skunk cabbage) flowers.

Visitors can also sample low-fat O-numa beef, milk straight from the farm, soft ice cream, locally brewed O-numa beer, and enjoy other tasty treats. O-numa is a well-equipped resort area with facilities for horseback riding as well as golf.


From Tokyo:[Air]1h 20 min from Haneda to Hakodate Airport.
From Osaka:[Air]1h 35 min from Kansai International Airport to Hakodate Airport.
FromHakodate:[Rail]20 min from Hakodate to O-numa Station by JR Hakodate Line (limited express).

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