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Lake Shirakaba


Enjoy both luxurious vacations at a summer resort and peaceful holidays at the lakeside

(C) TakenobuSuzukiThis is an artificial lake in Tateshina Highland within Yatsugatake-Chushin Kogen Quasi-National Park, where nature spreads. It contains clear water in about 36 ha of a grand hollow, and reflects the graceful curve of Mt. Tateshina on the water surface. As there is a hiking trail around the lake, you can slowly walk along the lake while viewing beautiful scenery. In particular, the picturesque beauty of the evening view is worth seeing.

From spring to summer, seasonal flowers, such as iris and gentian, decorate the waterfront. Around 1,500 fireworks decorate the night sky every August. In fall, larches change color, and a New Year's Eve countdown fireworks event is held during the year-end and New Year holidays. The lake is an interesting place all year. In addition, you can take part in leisure activities unique to a waterfront resort, such as canoeing, pleasure cruise, boating, and fishing.

The lake is a big resort with leisure facilities enabling you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, including ski resorts, hotels, museums, hot springs, an amusement park, and golf courses. The climate is comfortable as the humidity is low and a refreshing breeze blows even in the hottest part of summer. However, it grows chilly from the end of summer. So, make sure to bring outer wear in addition to clothing that you wear around town.


Address: Kitayama, Chino City, Nagano
Phone: 0266-73-8550 (Chino-City SightseeingFederation)
Directions: 30 minutes from Sakudaira Station on Nagano Sinkansen (1 hour and 10 minutes from Tokyo Station ) by car. 40 minutes from Suwa Interchange on the Chuo Expressway.

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