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A small island that features Koganeyama-jinja Shrine, which was built in the 8th century. Enjoy the magnificent panorama of the Pacific Ocean.

Kinkasan is an islet about 60 km east of Sendai and 1 kilometer to the southeast of the Oshika-hanto Peninsula. It floats above the Pacific Ocean, and is only about 26 kilometers in circumference. The highest point on the island is about 445 meters above sea level. From it, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the Pacific Ocean, Sendai the City of Trees, and the Kurikoma Mountain Range in the north of Miyagi.

There are several walking courses on the island, including an undulating course around the island and a course to the island's summit. The climate is warm, and wild deer and monkeys live on the island. Hike these courses and you will truly be able to fully enjoy the island's nature.

Also on the island is Koganeyama-jinja Shrine, which was built in the 8th century. Its guardian god, the god of good fortune, has been attracting worshippers for many years. This shrine forms the starting point for the hiking course to the top of the mountain, and people in the shrine office can give you an advice on how best to enjoy the course. There is also accommodation attached to the shrine, where you can spend the night. From its large communal bath, you can enjoy the view of the Oshika-hanto Peninsula.

≪Impact of the East Japan Great Earthquake≫
All information on this page is based on data before the disaster. Since the area has been strongly damaged, access to the area could be difficult by public transportation, and the landscape has changed drastically. It is recommended to check latest information in advance.


From Tokyo:[Rail]1h 40 min from Tokyo to Sendai Station by JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line, and 1h from Sendai to Ishinomaki Station by JR Senseki Line. 1h 25 min from Ishinomaki Station by Miyagi Kotsu Bus heading for Ayukawa-ko Port. 30 min from Ayukawa-sanbashi Bridge to Kinkasan by ferry, or 30 min from Ishinomaki sta to Onagawa sta by JR Ishinomaki line, and 35 min from Onagawa port to Kinkasan by ferry.(2runs daily)

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