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Juniko (Twelve Lakes)


Beautiful lakes reflecting the surrounding nature
In the bosom of Shirakami Sanchi

Shirakami Sanchi spreads from the northwest of Akita to the southwest of Aomori. Juniko is a group of lakes on the Aomori side of Shirakami Sanchi, which are said to be created by a landslide cause by a great earthquake during the Edo Period. There are actually 33 lakes but they are called Juniko (twelve lakes) because people could see only 12 lakes from the collapsed mountain. The most popular lake among Juniko is Aoike that appears to be azure-blue because of high transparency of its water. Trees reflected on the surface of the water create a harmony of vivid colors. Other sightseeing spots include similarly transparent Wakitsubo-no-ike, the water of which is designated as one of famous waters of Aomori, and Japan Canyon that reminds Grand Canyon of America.

Shirakami Sanchi is widely known as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. Many animals and wild birds live in the rich nature where old-growth beech forests spread. Eco Museum Center in Juniko is a tourist facilities introducing how animals and plants are living in the area. You can feel the nature along walking trails and in observation lodge in a leisurely manner.


Address: Matsukami-yama, Matsukam, Nishitsugaru-gun Fukaura-machi, Aomori
Phone: 0173-74-3320 (Fukaura-machi Tourist Association)
Directions: (Train) 15 minutes by Konan Bus to Juniko from Juniko Station on the JR Gono Line (6 hours and 45 minutes from Tokyo Station); get off at Juniko Yogyojo and take a short walk to Oku-Juniko Visitor Center (bus service stopping anywhere you wish from April to early November). (Car) 60 minutes from Noshiro-minami Interchange on the Akita Expressway (pay parking lot available).

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