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Benten Port Garyukyo Gorge


Thrilling boating by which people can enjoy scenery in each season

Slightly above Tenryukyo Gorge is a scenic place called Garyukyo Gorge. The scenery that jumps to the eye is the emerald green water of the Tenryu River and dark green exuberant trees. What you hear is the sound of an oar pulled by a boatman and the murmuring of the river. This is seemingly the image of peaceful boating, but the whole situation changes when massive rocks and strange rocks appear. Passengers will enjoy boating while shouting for joy. A past Japanese poet, Mokichi Saito (1882-1953), wrote a poem, "Splash on my front," and enjoyed the splashing of the river that jumped into the boat. Garyukyo Gorge has always been popular not only for the scenery there but also as a place where people can enjoy thrilling and exciting boating.

Unlike Mokichi's era, people can now entrust themselves to the boat without anxiety owing to full preparation for accidents. A boatman gives explanations in the sluggish stream and manipulates the boat by dynamic and brilliant handling of the oar in the rapid stream. However, boating is not only for enjoying rapid streams, so you won't be satisfied if you ride a boat only once. The scenery changes in each season: boating under cherry blossoms in spring, boating with splashes in summer, boating under red leaves in fall, and boating while seeing snow in winter. There is always attractive scenery at this place that was loved by persons of refined taste in the past.


Address: 7170 Matsuoarai, Iida-shi, Nagano
Phone: 0265-24-3345 (Tenryu River boating)
Admission Fee: 2300 yen (per adult)
Closed: Irregular (depending on weather and water level)
Directions: 5 minutes from Inayawata Station (three and half hours from Nagoya Station; about two hours from Nagoya to JR Iida Station by bus) on JR Iida Line to Bentenko by car. (Car) 15 minutes from Iida Interchange on the Chuo Expressway.

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