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Ao-no-domon (Tunnel dug through the Kyoshu Peak)


Ao-no-domon (青の洞門, Tunnel dug through the Kyoshu Peak) is a nationally famous historic site. In the Edo era this was the only way to Rakanji Temple. But the way was very dangerous, so, a monk known as Zenkai spent 30 years digging this tunnel through the Kyoshu peak using just a chisel and a hammer. The tunnel is also well-known from Kan Kikuchi's famous novel, "Onshu-no-Kanatani".


Hours open to visitors: None
Admission Fee: None
Closed: None
Directions: Take oita Kotsu bus to Kakisaka for 30 minutes from Nakatsu Station on JR Nippo Main Line, get off at Ao no Domon stop.

[Parking] 100 parking spaces are available for free.

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