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Kochi Kenritsu Sakamoto Ryoma Kinenkan


Ryoma Sakamoto was born in 1835, a member of the clan of Tosa (present-day Kochi Prefecture). Traveling to Edo (present-day Tokyo), he learned the art of navigation, which led him to an interest in world affairs and eventually to establish the first trading firm in Japan, in the port of Nagasaki. As the power of the Edo Shogunate, the regime of the samurai class, declined, a movement to overthrow the shogunate grew, leading to the idea of a coalition between the powerful clans of Choshu (present-day Yamaguchi Prefecture) and Satsuma (present-day Kagoshima Prefecture), known as the Satcho federation. In 1866, Sakamoto devoted himself to forging this Satcho alliance with the aim of taisei hokan, the restoration of the reins of government to the Emperor. Sakamoto, however, was killed in Kyoto in 1867. This memorial hall presents his life in seven stages, and also houses a large collection of books related to Sakamoto and the history of those times, for free perusal of the public.


Address: 830 Shiroyama, Urado, Kochi-shi, Kochi
Admission Fee: 500 yen (regular fee)
Closed: Open throughout the year

[Bus]Harimayabashi Stn.(Tosaden transportion Co.,Ltd) / Bus / 30-min. ride / Ryoma Kinenkan Stop / 2-min. walk

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