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Unazuki-onsen hot springs


A hot spring resort with a view of the majestic Kurobe Valley. A trolley ride is the starting point of your journey to the once inaccessible region.

The Unazaki-onsen Hot Spring, the largest hot spring in Toyama, is situated at the mouth of the Kurobe Valley in the northeastern part of the prefecture. Kurobe-gawa River, the hot spring developed along with the development of power sources. The Kurobe Kyokoku (Canyon) Line runs between the Unazuki and Keyaki-daira through the deep V-shaped valley. Unazuki is also the base for those who want to explore other scenic spots.

The Unazuki-onsen Hot Spring is fed by the Kuronagi-onsen Hot Spring, located seven kilometers upstream of the Kurobe-gawa River, and produces 3,000 tons of water per day. In front of Unazuki-onsen Station, you can find a special fountain that gushes out hot water, 60 degrees Celsius, to a height of one to two meters, which can rarely be seen anywhere else in Japan. Most of the hotel facilities are located along the Kurobe-gawa River or the rivers along the Unazuki Valley, to let you enjoy the beauty of the valley from the lobbies and big public baths of these accommodations. The 27 bronze statues on the streets are made of Takaoka copperware, which has been a famous local craft since the 17th century.

Another treat in Unazuki is the local beer served at its restaurants. The unique beer, which uses clear water from the Kurobe-gawa River and barley from Unazuki, has a very rich taste. The Snow Carnival in winter presents snow fireworks, while downhill skiers perform with torches in their hands.


From Tokyo:[Rail]3h 20 min via Echigo-Yuzawa Station (JR Joetsu Shinkansen Line) to Toyama Station by JR Hokuriku Line. 1h from Dentetsu Toyama to Unazuki-onsen Station by Toyama Chitetsu Line (limited express).
From Osaka:[Rail]3h 20 min to Toyama Station by JR Hokuriku Line.

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