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Kikuchi-onsen Hot Spring


Rich water that almost sticks to skin is called "skin of maiden"

Known as a special retreat of Kumamoto, Kikuchi-onsen is a relatively new hot spring found in 1954. Its water is clear, colorless and slightly alkaline. They say the water is as smooth as skin of maiden. The rich water that almost sticks to skin is called "water to make skin beautiful" and "water for makeup." It is said to make skin beautiful in addition to effects for nerve pain, joint pain, sore muscles, and fatigue. The hot spring is popular among many tourists including women.

Though the hot spring is relatively new, the place is the home of Kikuchi family who governed the area starting from the middle Heian period (794-1185). The hot spring resort that used to be a historic castle town is marked with a large number of long-established Japanese confectionery stores. Welcome sweets on the table of inn and souvenir shopping are part of the pleasures for tourists. The town is working to restore historic townscape; there is a waterfront space created by partially restoring an old canal, for example.

Nearby Kikuchi Valley is a picturesque place where subsoil water flows from Aso. The water designated as one of the 100 most excellent natural water sources in Japan flows underground and wells up as hot springs.


Address: Waifu, Kikuchi City, Kumamoto
Phone: 0968-25-2926 (Kikuchi-onsen Tourist Hotel Cooperative)
Directions: Train: one hour and 10 to 30 minutes by Kumamoto Dentetsu Bus for Kikuchi Onsen from Kyushu Shinkansen Kumamoto Station (33 minutes from Hakata Station) to the terminal
Car: 15 minutes from Ueki Interchange on the Kyushu Expressway

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