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(c) Taizo-in TempleAlthough it is a main temple of the Myoshin-ji group of the Rinzai sect, which contains 47 sub-temples in a vast area, its Honbo garden is rather simple with impressive paired sand cones, used for public events and ceremonies. It is famous as a garden, but also the following three sub-temples are open to the public: Taizo-in Temple is said to have been made in the Muromachi Period by Kano Motonobu, and features a dynamic combination of garden stones such as Karetaki (Dry waterfall, that has a shape of waterfall but without water), Horai-san (Sacred mountain, where sennin, immortal persons, are believed to live), Kamejima (Island shaped like a turtle) and Ishibashi(Stone bridge), to create this spectacular Karesansui garden (gravel garden). Keishun-in Temple has different types of gardens called the Garden of Purity to the south and the Garden of Manas to the east. The garden of Daishin-in Temple is known as the Peony Garden, built in the Showa Era, containing a pretty flowerbed at the center, surrounded by cut stones.


Address: 64 Myoshinji-cho, Hanazono, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Admission Fee: Honbo: 500 yen
Closed: Open throughout the year

[Rail]JR Kyoto Station/Bus/30 min./Myoshinji-mae/On foot/3 min.
Keifuku Train/Myoshinji Station/On foot/5 min.
JR Sagano Line/Hanazono Station/On foot/10 min.

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