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Hama-Rikyu Onshi Teien Garden


Hama Rikyu is located near the mouth of the Sumida-gawa, a large river flowing through Tokyo. The garden is divided into two major sections. The southern garden was originally a villa providing accommodation for feudal lords during the 17th to 19th centuries when they stayed in Edo (present day Tokyo). The northern garden was built later on. The southern garden has the Shio-iri-no Niwa (garden with a tidal pond) which is on the sea, and thus its scenery varies with the ebb and flow of the tide. Originally this area was the hunting grounds of the shogun who ruled Japan at that time. Later, in 1654, land was reclaimed from the sea and the villa built there. It was from here that the shogun would go boating in nearby rivers. These days the garden has a jetty used by a waterbus service.


Address: 1-1 Hama-rikyu Teien, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee: 300 yen
Closed: 29 Dec. - 1 Jan.

[Rail]JR Tokyo Stn./JR Yamanote Line/Shimbashi Stn./4-min. ride/15-min. walk

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