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Motomachi (Hyogo)


A town filled with exotic Chinese and South-east Asian shops and cuisines. Come and enjoy the panoramic view that extends from Osaka to the Awaji Island from the iconic Port Tower.

Motomachi is a lively town perfect for shopping, gourmet and night spots in the center of Kobe. Under Kobe Station is a maze of shopping streets that sells interesting trinkets and collector’s items and above ground, is a big shopping arcade. An important event in Motomachi is the Shunsetsu-sai (Festival) at Nankin-machi (China Town), which celebrates the Chinese New Year at the end of January or in early February. The streets of vibrant orient shops and flavorful restaurants keep visitors coming back to Nankinmachi time and time again.

On the seaside of Motomachi is Kobe-ko Chuo Tsutsumi, or the Central Dike on which many landmarks of Kobe, such as the Kobe Port Tower, were built. Kobe Kakyo Rekishi Hakubutsukan (Kobe Overseas Chinese History Museum) exhibits the history of overseas Chinese who had migrated to Kobe, and the exterior Kobe Kaiyo Hakubutsukan (Kobe Maritime Museum) was inspired by an image of sailboat and sea. The symbolic Kobe Port Tower stands at a height of 108 meters with a revolving observation deck at the top that offers a panoramic view. Far below, you can see the downtown areas of Kobe including Sannomiya, Kitano, Kobe Airport and Chinatown spreading before your eyes. The city of Osaka can be seen on the east while to the west are Awaji Island and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. Sightseeing cruises embarks and sets sail from the Kamomeria (Naka Pier Central Terminal) at the Port Tower.


From Tokyo Station:[Rail]2 h 30 min by JR Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen Line to Shin-Osaka Station.
From Shin-Osaka Station:[Rail]35 min by JR Tokaido Line to Moto-machi Station.

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