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Toyoda Castle


It is believed that Toyoda Castle (Toyoda-jo) was built by a military commander who governed this region around the middle of the 14th century. Standing on the banks of the Kokai-gawa, the castle had no donjon when it was originally built. It had a thatched roof and was probably used as a fortress that utilized the river water. The five-storied donjon that now stands was built in recent years. It houses an exhibition room, which features the exhibitions of the culture and industries of this region.


Address: 2010 Shin-Ishige, Joso-shi, Ibaraki
Admission Fee: 400 yen
Closed: Mondays (if the Monday is a national holiday, the following day)
Dec. 28-Jan. 4

[Walk]Kanto Railway Ishige Station/On foot/10 min.

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