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3-Day Model Trip OPTIONAL Courses

Ibaraki & Chiba

3-Day Model Trip OPTIONAL Courses / Ibaraki & Chiba /


Course A

Mito - Fukuroda-no-taki Falls - Noda - Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple

Course B

Katori- Itako - Kashima-jingu Shrine - Choshi

Course A:Mito - Fukuroda-no-taki Falls - Noda - Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple

Mito city in Ibaraki Prefecture produced many famous Shogun and samurai warriors, and there still remain gardens and schools built by these men. On the second day, you should visit the Fukuroda-no-taki Falls which is one of the three major waterfalls of Japan, for impressive views of the power of nature. The third day will be spent visiting a factory producing soy sauce, which is a popular seasoning worldwide. Trying Japanese food culture will surely be a memorable experience.

  • DAY1

    Narita Airport - (Take the Keisei Skyliner in the direction of Tokyo. From JR Ueno Station, about 1 hour 10 minutes by the Limited-stop Express "Super Hitachi" or "Fresh Hitachi" to Mito) - JR Mito Station - (15 minutes by bus from Mito Station) - Tokugawa Museum - (20-minute walk) - Mito Kairakuen Garden - Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History & Former Mitsukaido Elementary School - (by bus to Mito Station) - Kodokan Hall - Mito Toshogu Shrine - Okashi-hakubutsukan Museum (Sweets Museum) - Observation Floor of Ibaraki Prefectural Government Building (until 8 o'clock in the evening)

  • DAY2

    JR Mito Station - (80 minutes by Suigun Line to Fukuroda Station, then 15 minutes' bus ride and 10 minutes' walk) - Fukuroda-no-taki Falls - Stroll along the Takikawa River - Kon'nyaku Go-Kaisho (Trading center for kon'nyaku jelly made from the starch of the devil's tongue) & Kon'nyaku Museum - (Take the bus to Fukuroda Station, then take the Suigun Line to the next station, Hitachi-Daigo, from where it is a 15-minute walk) - Daigo Tourist Fishing Weir (Open May through November, the only tourist fishing weir in the prefecture. July through November, you can experience catching ayu sweetfish.)

  • DAY3

    Daigo Retro Kan restaurant - (90 minutes from Hitachi-Daigo Station by Suigun Line to Mito Station. Take the JR Joban Line Limited-stop Express*1 to Kashiwa Station. 2 hours by Tobu Noda Line to Noda-shi Station) - Kikkoman Soy Sauce Factory, Murasaki-no-Sato of Kikkoman Corporation - (Take the Tobu Noda Line to Kashiwa Station, then the Joban Line to Abiko Station, then 90 minutes by JR Narita Line to Narita) - Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple - Narita Airport


Course B:Katori- Itako - Kashima-jingu Shrine - Choshi

The Katori and Itako area which has prospered as an important base for water transportation since long ago is also known by the name "Suigo". After strolling along the waterfront with its Japanese atmosphere and traditional Japanese streets and houses, visit Choshi which is a leading fishing port town of Japan, where you can simply gaze out at the vast ocean from the cape jutting out into the Pacific Ocean or from the lighthouse.

At Boso-no-Mura Museum, you can experience the traditional lifestyle and skills handed down in Boso, and learn about its history.

  • DAY1

    Narita Airport - (30 minutes by JR Narita Line to Sawara Station, then 10 minutes' walk from the station) - Kaiun-bashi Bridge - Former Abuso-shoten Store - Tokun-shuzo Brewery - Baba-shuzo Brewery - Ino Tadataka Memorial Hall - River Ono-gawa Sightseeing Boat - Suigo Sawara Dashi Kaikan - Sawara Mitsubishi-kan Visitor Center - (Take the Sawara sightseeing "Osampo" bus from Sawara Station) - Katori-jingu Shrine - (Return by bus to the Ono-gawa river banks) - Stroll along the Ono-gawa River - (From Katori City, take the JR Kashima Line to Itako Station) - Itako

  • DAY2

    Tour of the Twelve Bridges of Itako - (Take the JR Kashima Line to Kashima-Jingu Station, from where it is 10 minutes' walk) - Kashima-jingu Shrine - (Take the JR Kashima Line to Katori Station, then 90 minutes by JR Narita Line to Choshi Station) - Choshi Port Tower, Cape Inubo-saki - Choshi

  • DAY3

    Tour of Yamasa & Higeta Soy Sauce Factories - Chikyu-no Maruku Mieru Oka Tenbo-kan Observatory - Inubo-saki Lighthouse - (10 minutes by Choshi Railway to JR Choshi Station) - (Take the JR Sobu Main Line to Matsugishi Station. Take the JR Narita Line to Narita Airport. 95 minutes)

    JR Narita Station (20 minutes by bus from the West Exit to Ryukakuji-dai 2-chome bus stop, from where it is 8 minutes' walk) - Boso-no-Mura Museum - (by bus to Narita Station, and take the JR or Keisei Line to Narita Airport 35 minutes) - Narita Airport