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Nikko Area日光エリア


A luxurious and popular location for vacationing. Simply rife with the elaborate and beautiful architecture of temples and shrines.

Nikko lies at the foot of Mt. Nyoho-san in the western part of Tochigi and it has developed as the temple town for Futara-san-jinja Shrine, Toshogu Shrine and Rin-no-ji Temple. There runs the Nikko-Suginamiki-Kaido (Nikko's Japanese- cedar-lined Road), which is designated as a natural monument. And the city forms a part of the Nikko National Park.

Toshogu Shrine is where the famous Shogun of the Edo Period in the 17th century, Tokugawa Ieyasu, was worshiped after his death. It became as luxurious and elaborate as it looks today when the grandson of Ieyasu, the third Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu, reconstructed it. The engravings on the Yomei-mon Gate are especially overwhelming, provided with every luxury imaginable and redolent in gorgeous colors. The engravings of the three monkeys in Shinkyu-sha and Nemuri-neko, the sleeping cat, are also well known.

Rin-no-ji Temple was built in 766 and was developed from the 12th century to the Kamakura Period in the 14th century. Sanbutsu-do, (Three Buddhas' home), Dai-goma-do with the painting of the Nobori-ryu (rising dragon) inside and Homotsu-den (the treasury) are definitely worth seeing. Futara-san-jinja Shrine is said to bring happiness and marriage for those who visit. Legend has it that the Futara-Reisen, the sacred fountain there, has water that restores youth.

The buildings in Mt. Nikko-san and the forest areas in the surroundings are registered as a World Cultural Heritage site and as a cultural property where nature and buildings are united.


From Tokyo :
[Rail] By the Tobu-Nikko Line for 1 hour and 50 minutes from Asakusa Station (Tokyo) to Tobu-Nikko Station.

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