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Shinsaibashi Area心斎橋エリア


A unique and vibrant shopping experience area. The wide, entertaining main street of Mido-suji in Osaka.

The Shinsaibashi is the largest shopping area in Osaka where many boutiques and specialty shops are gathered, attracting local people and visitors. The Shisaibashi has developed from the arcaded streets called Shinsaibashi Shopping Street. This district has a row of large size department stores and reasonably priced shops. The Suomachi-suji Street offers an elegant atmosphere with stone paved sidewalks with British style streetlamps and brick buildings. This area is nicknamed as the European Village.
The western area of the Shinsaibashi is nicknamed as the American Village, and its symbol is the walls painted with unique illustrations. Casual shops for trend-conscious young people are concentrated in the American Village, giving off a contrasting atmosphere from the European Village's. You can enjoy Osaka by simply walking these unique districts. There are many restaurants in the Shinsaibashi, where you can enjoy the Japanese food as well as a wide variety of tastes from China, Korea, other Asian countries, the US and European countries as well.

Mido-suji Street that runs the center of the Shinsaibashi is the main street of Osaka that links the downtown Kita (north) around Umeda and the downtown Minami (south) around the Shisaibashi and Namba districts. At the Mido-suji Joyful held in spring, marching bands from all over the world merrily parade on this street.


From Tokyo :
[Rail] Take JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line for 2 hours and 30 minutes from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station, then take a subway for 13 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station to Shinsaibashi Station.
From Osaka :
[Rail] 2 min from Namba to Shinsaibashi Station by Subway Midosuji Line.

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