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Yufuin/Kuju Area湯布院/久住エリア


A region skirting the slopes of Mt. Yufu-dake, with older inns and modern accommodations side-by-side.

Yufuin Town, located in a central part of Oita, is an area extending past the boundary of the Yufuin Basin in which Oita-gawa River originates. Mt. Yufu known as "Bungo Fuji" is located to the north of the basin. Long-established inns, smart-looking small inns called "pension"(family type inns in Japan), unique art museums, small galleries, sophisticated restaurants and coffee shops mingle together in Yufuin, giving the area an attractive atmosphere.

Yufuin is a spa town with many inns around Yufuin Station on a southwestern part of the skirts of Mt. Yufu-dake. The hot water is colorless and transparent and of gentle nature without a strong effect. It can alleviate rheumatism, neuralgia, etc. There are many public bathhouses in the town. They are highly convenient for tourists.

Lake Kinrin-ko located in Yufuin is named from the "shining scales of fish in the setting sun". Hot water and cold pure spring gushes from the bottom of the lake, and fog rises from its surface on a cold day. The Kuju Platean situated in the grassland at an altitude of 1,000 m in southern parts of the skirts of Mt. Kuju and Mt.Taisen provide a sight to see in every season - the burning of the field in spring, summer camps, red and yellow leaves of trees in autumn and a sea of clouds in winter.


From Tokyo :
[Air] 1 hour and 40 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Oita Airport. 1 hour from Osaka Itami Airport. 55 minutes by bus from Oita Airport to Yufuin Bus Center. 55 minutes by bus from Oita Airport to Oita Station. 45 minutes from Oita Station to Yufuin Station by a Limited Express on the JR Main Kyudai Line.

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