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Kuju is located in Aso-Kuju National Park. Aso-Kuju National Park is a vast park which including from the Aso volcano area in Kumamoto Prefecture to the Kuju Mountain Range, Kuju Highlands, Handa Highlands, and Beppu in Oita Prefecture. Nakadake (1,791m) in the Kuju Mountain Range is the highest mountain in Kyushu. Other mountains with altitudes of around 1700m are located in this mountain range. It is called the "Roof of Kyushu". Parts of the park area in Oita Prefecture are Kokonoe-town, Taketa-city, Beppu-city, Yufu-city and Kusu-town. Many valuable plants can be seen in this area, such as Miyama Kirishima (Natural treasure, a kind of azalea. It colors the mountains in pink in early summer) and bilberry. You can enjoy this nature by trekking the Kuju mountain range and hiking in the Tadewara Wetlands and Bogatsuru Wetlands described in the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. The majestic changing sceneries of flowers and greenery, autumn colors and snow in all four seasons of the Handa Highlands and Kuju Highlands will delight your eyes.

In addition, there are also charming hot springs in the vicinity. Yufuin Onsen, Kokonoe “dream” Hot Springs Village. There are also a lot of attractive tourist destinations like Kokonoe "Yume"(dream) Great Suspension Bridge ,(It’s the tallest suspension bridge in Japan), Kokonoe Forest Park Ski Resorts, Kuju Flower Park, Guernsey Farm, and Kuju Winery (Stone Oven Kitchen).


From :
40 minutes by car from Kokonoe IC on oita Expressway.
Take Route 210 toward Kuju from Yufuin IC on oita Expressway. Turn to route 11 at Mizuwake Toge and go toward Chojabaru.
50 minutes by bus from JR Bungo Nakamura Station on JR Kyudai Main line.

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