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Relaxing your body and soul. This historically well-known spa town will take you to the world of "Man-yo-shu," the beauty of Japan's tradition.

Yugawara is hot springs (Onsen) town with magnificent view of Sagami Bay, as well as mild weather throughout the year. This beautiful town has been known as an ancient spa town since descrived in "Man-yo-shu," Japan's oldest collection of poems. The rows of "Ryokan," hot spring hotels, are reminders of the good times of the past. In the latter part of the 1800's, after the Meiji Era, Yugawara's mild climate and the abundance of lush natuyre fascinated many famous Japanese novelists; such as, Soseki Natsume, Toson Shimazaki, and Ryunosuke Akutagawa. The town has become known as a health resort associated with these writers and artists ever since.

Another feature in Yugawara is that it has many historical sites that have close relationship to the Kamakura Shogunate; political power during the 13th century. There is "Jogan-ji Temple," for example, where members of Doi family, who rule Yugawara, were buried within the temple. In the temple, you can find 800 years old cypress trees, listed as a natural monument.

Yugawara-Onsen has a reputation of improving health conditions. "Doppo-no-yu," the largest footbath facility in Japan, and "Kogome-no-yu," a spa for day trips, welcome many visitors. The "Yukake-Matsuri" is an unique festival, splashing hot springs water to each other, held in every spring. The festival attracts large crowds of people every year.

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