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Izumi Area出水エリア


The Izumi Area is a spectacular area to view the crane migrations and visit Bansho Park (Akune City). a former illegal trade security station.

The Izumi Area is located on the northwestern edge of Kagoshima Prefecture and faces the Sea of Yatsushiro. It is famous for the Izumi-fumoto samurai residences dating back to the Edo Period(17th to 19th century) and for being a popular rest site for migratory cranes.

In the early 17th century, stone walls were built around the samural retainer's residences in Izumi-fumoto as protective barricades against invaders from neighboring provinces. Some of these residences still remain today and have been designated as a "Important Preservation District for Group of Historic Buildings" in Japan.

Every autumn, cranes migrate from Siberia and stay until spring. Visitors may observe the cranes fromm the Crane Observation Center. There are multiple exhibits related to cranes on display at Crane Park Izumi, which also has a crane museum and the "Dome Theater" (diameter of 15m) where visitors may experience the virtual flight of a crane.


From Tokyo :
[Air] 1h 50 min from Haneda to Kagoshima Airport
[Rail] 5h from Tokyo to Hakata Station by JR Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen Line. 1h 20 min. from Hakata Station to Izumi Station by JR Kyushu Shinkansen Line.
[Bus] 1h 21 min. from the Kagoshima Airport to Izumi Station by bys. 1h 55 min. to Akune Station by bus.
From Osaka :
[Air] 1h 10 min from Itami to Kagoshima Airport.
[Rail] 2h 25 min from Shin-Osaka to Hakata Station by Shinkansen.

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