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Kinosaki Area城崎エリア


A basaltic rock mass that measures 70 meters across by 35 meters high, with a historic hot spring resort.

Kinosaki is situated in northern Hyogo and has the Kinosaki Hot Spring Resort spreading along the Otani-gawa River branching off from the Maruyama-gawa River. Legend has it that the place was found in the 8th century by Dochi-shonin, a Buddhist saint. It is lined with public bathes, such as Ko-no-yu (hot spring of stork) that used by storks to heal wounds, Sato-no-yu, Ichi-no-yu and Jizo-yu. The name Kinosaki became known all over the country when it mentioned in a novel "Kinosaki Nite" by Naoya Shiga, a famous novelist in the early 20th century.

At Onsen-ji Station of the Kinosaki-onsen Ropeway, you'll find the Onsen-ji Temple believed to have been erected by Dochi-shonin, in which the standing images of Eleven-Faced Kan'non (Goddess of Mercy) and Eleven-Faced Thousand-Handed Kan'non are enshrined.

A 15 minutes drive from the Onsen-ji Temple, a basaltic mass formed of hardened lava lies 65 meters across and 42 meters high, in which a basaltic cave opens its mouth and draws many viewers.


From Kyoto :
[Rail] 2hrs 40 min from Kyoto Station to Kinosaki Onsen Station by JR Sanin Honsen Line.
From Osaka :
[Air] About 3hrs from Shin-Osaka or Osaka Station to Kinosaki Onsen Station by the limited express train, "Kounotori."

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