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Awaji-shima Island淡路島


The Akashi Strait and Naruto Strait sandwich this island. Seven colors illuminate the world's largest suspension bridge.

Located in southern Hyogo and in the east of the Seto-naikai (the Seto Inland Sea), Awaji-shima is an island largest in the Seto Inland Sea. Facing the Osaka Bay on the east and the Harima-nada on the west, the island is sandwiched by the Akashi Strait on the north and the Naruto Strait south to west and its coastal area is a part of Seto-naikai National Park.

There is Sumoto City in the eastern part of Awaji-shima Island. On Mt. Mikuma-yama south of the city is the site of the Sumoto Castle built early in the 16th century, where some stone walls and the keep that forms the castle's center remain. The castle tower commands a full view of the city and the Osaka Bay. Also, Awaji-shima Island boasts places worth a visit to enjoy the natural scenery, like the Naruto Strait in which the tide as fast as about 10 knots rises in all sizes of whirlpools, and many beaches including the Goshiki-hama (five color) Beach known for colorful pebbles made by the erosion of waves.

The Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi (Akashi Strait Grand Bridge) is known as the world's longest suspension bridge, 3,911 meters long overall with two cable-braced main towers spaced 1,991 meters apart. This bridge, which links Awaji-shima Island with Kobe, is nightly illuminated in seven changing colors to regale the eyes of viewers.


From Tokyo :
[Rail] About 3 hours to Shin-Kobe Station from Tokyo Station by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line. About 2h from Shin-Kobe Station to Sumoto Bus Centor by JR expressway bus.

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