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Street snaps

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Street snaps & mdash;the Sunday scene in Akiba

Akihabara's Chuo-dori becomes a pedestrian zone on Sundays in good weather. The so-called Pedestrian Paradise (hokosha tengoku) not only liberates the shoppers but also provides an opportunity for spontaneous photo sessions surrounding the amateur performers in their costumes.

from: Bangladesh

"It's been three years since I moved to Japan, but I still come to Akihabara for electronic goods. My usual route is to go along Chuo-dori. You find the latest stuff at the cheapest price here."

from: Australia

"Chuo-dori has a lot of stores to see, and there are all kinds of people out on Sundays when it's just for pedestrians. Today I came looking for computers and household electronics."

from: Canada

"We've come to buy some video games today. We watch a lot of Japanese anime. That's where she gets her hair and fashion from. We wanna look into buying some costumes."

from: Canada

"I work as a consultant here in Japan. It's been four years since I first came here and I often go down to the AsoBit to check out the toys. I’m like a big kid, you know."

from: Mexico

"We're just here on a visit, but we're all really into Japanese anime back home. We bought a lot of Fullmetal Alchemist figua and costumes at the Animate store. Akihabara's such a fun place!"

from: Australia

"I study here (left), but he's visiting from Australia so I've come to Akihabara today to show him around. We are both into Japanese anime, especially Naruto."

from: America

"We met in Japan and are both into costume play. We buy our clothes in Harajuku and come to Akihabara on Sundays. Everyone takes pictures of us when we're dressed like this. In Akihabara we often go to the Gamers store. Recently we've been wearing a lot of stuff out of Rozen Maiden, the manga and anime series."

from: Bangladesh

"Normally we meet up at Don Quijote and go around the figua stores. We love these key chains and accessories for cell phones that have Japanese characters on them. My room is full of figua."

from: Russia

"There's no place like Akihabara for secondhand computers. It's difficult to buy secondhand laptops in Russia, so whenever I come here I always end up having to carry with me so much stuff."

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