Description Prefecture(Area)/Category
Gishi-sai (Winter)
A festival honoring the forty-seven loyal retainers in Akoh, popular in movies and dramas
December 14th - [Winter]
Tokyo (Kanto)
Annual Events
A lively fair full of Edo sentiments, brightly coloring downtown Tokyo at the year-end
December 17th - December 19th [Winter]
Tokyo (Kanto)
Annual Events
Chichibu Yomatsuri
Gorgeous floats dash up a steep slope. The fireworks displays lighting up the winter evening sky are spectacular.
December 2nd - December 3rd [Winter]
Saitama (Kanto)
Annual Events
Hakone Ekiden
Tokyo-Hakone Round-Trip College Ekiden Race
January 2nd - January 3rd [Winter]
Kanagawa (Kanto)
Sports Events
Warning people of the dangers of fire through acrobatic stunts on top of ladders.
January 6th - [Winter]
Tokyo (Kanto)
Annual Events